The Dairy Authority, LLC and TDA Labs

Company Description
The Dairy Authority, LLC, and TDA Labs, LLC is a veterinary facility that focuses on all things dairy. There are 8 veterinarians that specialize in dairy medicine from small to large herds performing both traditional and non-traditional services, including dairy management consulting, employee training, drug residue avoidance, and welfare training. Additionally, TDA Labs, LLC, is a full-service laboratory located in Greeley, CO, that serves the dairy industry from performing mycoplasma cultures and DHIA sampling to running disease, metabolic profiles, and pregnancy testing on blood and milk samples. TDA Labs also offers a full-service NIR Feed lab. NIR Harvest Analysis with a dry matter for corn silage, hay and haylage is available during harvest and full NIR packages available in conjunction with Cumberland Valley Analytic Services (CVAS) and Rock River Laboratories.

Cattle and Dairy

  • Employee Training
  • Health / Veterinary Services
  • Veterinarians
  • Veterinary Laboratory Services
  • Animal Health / Pharmaceuticals
  • Calf & Heifer Housing & Supplies
  • Facility Expansion / Consulting
  • R & D / Quality Control